Looking for a cheap way to make calls? Line has updated their service today, allowing for calls to more locations — including the USA. The free-to-download service will now let those in much of Asia to make and receive calls on their platform.

The service isn’t VoIP, but rather a low-cost alternative to using potentially expensive international minutes. If you make a lot of international calls from North America, or are in other areas of the world, Line may be a good option for you. With calls as low as $0.02 per minute, Line provides an easy alternative for those who don’t want to rack up charges on their carrier plan.

In addition to the US market, the following will get access to Line voice calling as well: Columbia, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, Spain, and Thailand. Via the app, all you have to do is use the country code, then dial the number of who you’d like to reach. Apart from the countries listed, there is a laundry list of others with the ability to use Line already — a list far too exhaustive to get into now.

Of course, both users will have to be on Line, but that’s a small concession for cheap calls. An added bonus is that iPhone users can also use Line, making it a true winner for the international market. The update is rolling out now, so if you use Line — look for it.