The LINE app for Android has just been updated. If you’re a loyal user of this instant messaging platform, you can now use #hashtags on your Timeline. This makes it easier for anyone to locate a post or messages previously tagged. Mentions are also now allowed just by adding the @ sign to a name.

LINE is just one of the numerous messaging applications available. Features may be limited for a while but the developers have been working to enhance the mobile experience. Adding the #Hashtags and @Mentions may be a bit late because most social media apps already have them but at least they are now possible.

If you want to view what others are saying, you can also click on a hashtag and see all those that are made public. It’s similar to how tags are used in Facebook or Twitter. All those public posts will be shown. In LINE, this will come handy if you are following a celebrity and you want to be updated about the latest. Think of any hashtag and see if there are others posting about it.

Even if #hashtags are viewable by others, the devs made sure that only your friends can post a comment or like your post. This way, you are free from having trolls or bullies saying something. But to be sure, don’t make anything public. Most posts are accessible but it’s really up to the user how he will set the privacy of messages.

When you use @Username, a contact will be notified that you posted something. This makes it easier for people to connect because @Mentions can be quickly tracked. Viewing photos are easier now too because the developers made some changes. Multiple photos and videos can now be viewed at the same time.

Download LINE from the Google Play Store



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