According to some tidbits at the TmoNews Forums and HowardForums, T-Mobile subscribers have been able to add the MyFaves feature on to their accounts for free.  MyFaves is T-Mobile’s distinguishing service that allows unlimited, any-network calls to five phone numbers of the caller’s choosing. More info after the jump.

So far, it seems the most successful process for accomplishing this is as follows:

•Call 611 from your T-mobile handset or 877-453-1304 from a landline

•Say “Cancel” at the automated prompt – this connects you with a “Retentions Department” representative

•Ask for the “Free MyFaves Add-On”

•Depending on the rep, you may be required to agree to a contract extension

If all goes well, you will have MyFaves added on to your current rate plan, without any additional fees.  Please note, a contract extension varying from 1-2 years may be required, though it has been reported of the add-on being given without an extension.  There have also been reported issues with the add-on not being compatible with corporate or company-discounted lines, though your mileage may vary.

This has been reported as a very limited time promotion, ending as early as today, January 19th.  If you’re interested, best bet is to try now.

Check in at the forums to let us know if this worked for you!