We’ve all been there: you’re out and about all day, using your phone for GPS, music, maybe streaming some video. Then, when you need it most, you run out of battery and your super-powered Android device becomes a useless brick in your pocket for all intents and purposes.

Well you can finally put that fear behind you with the Limefuel LP200X portable battery pack, which boasts a huge 20,000 mAh capacity, two USB ports to charge two devices at once, and an LED showing how much juice is left in the Limefuel. Normally $85, you can grab this battery pack for just $34.99 at the Android Community Deals Store – that’s 58% off.

To put the 20,000 mAh capacity into perspective, the Samsung Galaxy S5 sports a 2,800 mAh battery. Doing a little math, one full charge of the Limefuel is good for over 7 full charges of a Galaxy S5! It’s tough to find a high quality battery with that capacity (and this relatively small size), especially below $60.

Portable batteries come in handy for charging tons of stuff: phones, tablets, bluetooth speakers…basically anything that can be charged through USB, which encompasses almost every piece of portable technology these days. Whether you throw it in your backpack, leave it in your car, or use it on trips when you’ll have limited power connectivity, it’s extremely convenient to always have a charge at arm’s length.

Stay Charged! Pick up the Limefuel LP200X for $34.99 at the Android Community Deals Store!

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