Hiphop superstar Lil Wayne may not actually be little anymore, and in fact, may turn out to be something big for the new series of ads for the recently released flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Gear VR. The OEM has released three new videos that highlight the waterproof qualities of the smartphone, as well as the awesomeness of having a virtual reality headset and Wesley Snipes by your side (yes, we mean the actual Wesley Snipes).

The first ad is as decadent and as waterproof as you can get with a celebrity. Lil Wayne shows off how liquid proof the Galaxy S7 is by pouring champagne continuously over it and then when receiving a call, proceeds to dunk the phone in the aquarium. The whole 30-seconder is punctuated by the “Whaaaat!” exclamations of Wayne and his friends. We don’t advise pouring champagne on your device though not because it won’t survive, but because you probably don’t have the paycheck of a celebrity and that will be a waste of good drink and money.

The next two ads feature not jus Lil Wayne but action superstar (of yesteryears?) Wesley Snipes, and this time, they’re showing off how wonderful it is to have a Samsung Gear VR. The first sees Lil Wayne just chilling in his couch and going off on outdoor adventures on his VR headset. Then the real Wesley Snipes arrives (not just the virtual) and he’s all cool and stuff, as he probably is in real life.

The last ad shows the two enjoying a VR moment on the couch, but apparently Lil Wayne is having more fun because he’s helping a baby elephant come out of its mother’s womb and into this world. The ads are cute and may be funny to some, so it looks like Samsung is on a roll lately after several hits and misses in terms of ads last year.