If you live in a country where Internet connectivity is pretty good and if you have a high data plan, then you probably take for granted that you can stream videos whenever you want. But not everyone has that privilege and Google wants to make sure their products are still able to reach that demographic and region. YouTube Go is one of their “lightweight” products that has been beta testing in India for some months now. Finally, it’s available as a stable download, but only for specific regions.

If you don’t know what YouTube Go is, it’s a super lightweight version of the video sharing app that is meant for those in developing countries where the connection is intermittent and data is quite expensive. Users will be able to choose whether to watch or download the videos and watch them offline later and even share it with friends through a Bluetooth connection. You can also preview the video so you can decide whether or not to download or watch it.

Even better, you can choose the resolution of the video and how many MBs you will spend on the video so that you can also control your data spend. It soft-launched last April in beta mode and since then, they’ve been trying to test and modify it to be able to not be so different from the full YouTube app. There are of course things it can’t do like the original, but as long as the basics are there, it shouldn’t really matter.

YouTube Go is only available in selected countries like India and Indonesia, so if you live there, you can now download it from the Google Play Store. If you still want to try it out, the APK is in the source link.

VIA: Android Police


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