For mobile users, usually it comes down to choosing between Chrome, Firefox, Safari or your smartphone or tablet’s native browser. But if you’re the more digitally adventurous type, trying out other browsers can be fulfilling at times. One of those that has become a hit with a certain number of users is Lightning Browser, and the latest updates to the app may bring in more new users to its fold, with its Material Design, new reading modes/themes, and other new features.

If you’re not yet familiar with the browser, it’s an open-source program that uses the WebKit rendering engine to make browsing faster. It also employs a design where the tabs, bookmarks and other settings are in a side drawer, easily accessible, but doesn’t get in the way of what you really want in a browser, which is to read or view the website you’re looking at. It also takes privacy seriously, with an icognito mode, supporting features to mask your identity and location, and the ability to disable settings that might put you at risk.

The latest update to the browser, which the developer said took a bit of time and effort, brings the Material Design visual guideline to users. They also now have light and dark settings, a reading mode that removes all the clutter and leaves just the text, a color mode for when you want to see everything and text reflow for all (they say including kitkat and lollipop). You also now have the ability to block third-party cookies. There are also now translations, although they did not specify for how many languages. They also said that this update brings SOOOOOOO MANY (emphasis/caps theirs) bug fixes and improvements, and a “zillion other tiny changes”.

If you don’t have Lightning Browser yet, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store. If you want Adblock and Unlimited Tabs (the free version only allows 10 tabs), you can get the paid version for only $1.50.

SOURCE: +Anthony Restaino