What started out as a simple app to change notification LED colors for Android has become one of the most popular and powerful notification tools around. Light Flow was just updated with a slew of new features, supports for tons of other applications previously not supported, and new goodies for Android 4.3 Jelly Bean users.

Light Flow previously allowed users to completely tweak and customize the LED flashing colors, and much more. Letting users choose what app notifies you with what color, and even flashing LED lights in succession. This was one of my favorite features, since most devices will only show one at a time.

Today the developers of Light Flow added tons of goodies, and Android 4.3 received a few awesome ones. Those being the option to swipe away notifications, and of course remote clearing of notifications on other devices. Clear a Gmail or hangout notification, and it will remotely do the same on the tablet back at home. It’s nice, and we welcome it. Here’s the full changelog:

Android 4.3 features
-Swipe away notifications
-Remote clearing of notifications read on other devices (e.g. hangouts, email)
-Handle restricted profiles for users
Other new features
-Support for new Gmail folders (e.g. promotions, social, updates etc)
-Exclude notifications from sleep mode
-Support for incoming calls
-Support for new Skype app
-Samsung multi-window support
-Better support for HTC one root users
-Added support for 72 new apps

Remote clearing (or syncing of notifications that have been cleared) is probably the biggest one here. We can’t forget the rest though. They’ve added Samsung multi-window support, improve how the app works with the HTC One, and as you can see added support for 72 new apps. It just keeps getting better and better. If you’re rooted, give Light Flow a try from the link below.

VIA: Play Store