If you’re one of those people who wrote down “get healthier” as part of their New Year goals, then this news is for you. While trackers and fitness apps already have automatic tracking to help you out, there are still some things that you have to manually add. Lifesum’s new Google Assistant app can now do it for you through voice commands of course. helping you log various metrics without having to type anything or use your phone as everything should be hands-free.

The app actually launched in Preview last year, but now it’s officially available on a wider scale. Because it is powered by Google Assistant, you will be able to ask the app to log various metrics related to your health, like water intake, body weight, and more importantly for some people, your meals. The CEO and founder of Lifesum, Henrik Torstensson understands that logging these things take time and energy and so people need a little help making it more convenient to do so.

You can log meals by saying “Add a plate of spaghetti” to your tracker and it will even give you recommendations like how to burn off those carbs. You can also say “Track a glass of water” to start the water-tracking feature and make sure that you are able to drink the daily minimum.

And more than just helping you log these things, it can also give you challenges to help you get to your fitness goals faster. If you just say “Give me a challenge”, it will ask you where you are and then give you something appropriate to do. For example it will tell you to get rid of all sugary things you can see around you or fill up your water bottle right now. You can also update your weight at any given time to help you see if you’re on track towards your goal.

You can start things off by just saying “Hey Google, talk to Lifesum” and then start logging those meal, water, and weight information through voice commands.

VIA: 9 to 5 Google