By now, you’re probably eagerly waiting for your LG G5 order. Some may have already received their units and may have spent the whole weekend trying to figure out the new smartphone and “Friends”. When it comes to imaging, LG has the LG 360 CAM and LG CAM Plus to make mobile photography easier and more fun than ever. The South Korean tech company has posted two new videos showing how to play with the two accessories.

Watch the videos below:

How to PLAY with the LG 360 CAM:
The LG 360 Cam fits right in your hand. Take off the case and push the button on the side. Press the power button to turn on the Compact Spherical Camera. On the side you will see the Power LED and Mode LED 360 and 180-degree indicator.

To shoot, just push the button on the front. The case also works as a tripod so dock the camera. Take advantage of the LG Friends Manager to control the camera functions. For fast capture with one click, just do a quick tap. For video, hold the button for more than one second.


How to PLAY with the LG CAM Plus:
The Cam Plus is an easy control camera grip with a 1200 battery. Slide the battery out to slide the new battery module in. Turn the phone with the power button found at the back. Slide the switch at the button to go to camera mode. The Cam Plus also offers a real camera grip for a more convenient use. Parts include an LED sensor, record button, shutter, and the zoom in-out dial. It’s like holding a real compact camera so you’re ready to snap clear photos any time.

SOURCE: LG Mobile Global