The LifeLock Wallet app has recently been pulled from the Play Store. It seems the app was pulled due to concerns dealing with data security. Coming by way of the LifeLock Unlocked company blog; CEO Todd Davis mentioned how they want to make sure users are “aware of an issue that we [they] identified related to our recently acquired LifeLock Wallet application.”

It seems “certain aspects” of the mobile apps may not be in full compliance with the payment card industry (PCI) security standards. It is important to note there hasn’t been any reports of issues — this is more a proactive move on the part of LifeLock. In fact, they mentioned how they “have no reason to believe the data has been compromised.”

For now the LifeLock Wallet app has been removed from the Play Store. Also worth mentioning, the app was also removed from the Amazon Appstore and the iOS App Store. Further details also mention how LifeLock has deleted information for those who have the app installed.

When users open the LifeLock Wallet they will notice all “information will be deleted in the app.” And taking that a step further, the folks at LifeLock have also said they have “taken steps to delete all stored information for the mobile app from our servers.” No word on when the app is expected to make a return.

VIA: ars technica

SOURCE: LifeLock