All the various OEMs announcing their new smart speakers seem to also be competing as to which digital assistant to bring to its consumers. Alexa looks like it’s winning the game as several brands have announced integration with Amazon’s digital assistant. The latest one to give her their vote of confidence is Libratone and its two new speakers, the Zipp 2 and the Zipp Mini 2. Aside from voice assistance, these two also boast of other smart speaker features and is reasonably priced as well.

These two in fact are the first in the brand’s line to have Alexa integration and if you’re a fan of that particular voice assistant, then this should already be a selling point for you. This means you can access the thousands and still growing number of skills that it has which includes checking the weather, asking it to read aloud your appointments, making it a smart hub for your smart accessories at home, and of course playing music. It also has customizable features so you can adjust things according to preference and style

They both have Libratone’s 360 FullRoom sound plus a “clever, acoustic design” to make sure that you hear the sound of your music from every direction, regardless of where your speaker is positioned. They are also portable enough that you can bring them with you anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. You can connect it up to 10 other speakers either in just one space or even across multiple rooms.

The difference between the two is that the Zipp 2 is of course larger and has a four-inch neodymium woofer and each speaker has a tweeter and low frequency radiator while the Zipp Mini 2 is slightly smaller and its woofer is only 3-inches. They both have WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and will come in various colors.

The Libratone smart speakers will be available this coming October at selected retailers and Amazon. The Zipp 2 will cost 299 euros while the Zipp Mini 2 is slightly cheaper at 249 euros.