Libratone is giving us three new reasons why it’s a reliable provider of party speakers: Libratone ONE Click, ONE Style, and the TOO Bluetooth speakers. These speakers are guaranteed to deliver premium audio quality. The company announced the new range of speakers this week just in time for Summer. So when you need to go to the beach, go camping somewhere, or travel to some place new, you can also play your favorite tunes wirelessly from your smartphone directly to the Libratone speakers.

The Libratone ONE CLICK comes with customizable and interchangeable handles. You can choose the color you want so you can say it’s really yours. The signature 360° sound Libratone is known for can be expected from this product. Its simple and minimalist design makes it easy on the eyes, providing no nonsense audio quality all the time. Shaped like a book, you can put it inside your backpack to bring anywhere. It’s currently available with a £139 ($196) price tag on but other e-commerce sites like Curry’s, Amazon, and John Lewis will carry the speakers soon.

Libratone 2

The Libratone TOO costs £109 which is about $154. It’s designed similary to a water bottle so you can easily bring it anywhere you go. It’s one portable speaker that you can bring with you during outdoor adventures. It comes with a rubber bottom so it can stand on any flat surface. It also offers 360° sound and Bluetooth connectivity.

Libratone ONE Style

Last but not the least is the ONE Style which also costs £139 ($196). It boasts of Libratone’s classic, cutting-edge design. The finger loop makes it portable enough while the rubber frame will make it stand. Of course, the Libratone’s 360° sound quality can be expected. Just like the first two models, this one Bluetooth 4.1 and the Bluetooth + 1 technology so you can use two Bluetooth speakers at the same time.

Libratone allows music streaming from services like Tidal, Apple, and Spotify among others. You can also take incoming calls over the speakers. They can last for more than 12 hours on non-stop use and are splash-resistant so you don’t have to worry about your Libratone speakers getting wet. Color options are Cloudy Grey and Graphite Grey but more colors will be ready soon.

VIA: SlashGear