LG’s Quick Circle case, which works exclusively with their flagship G3, is probably one of the most unique phone cases in the market as it is, well, obviously, round. There is now an app package to bring even more functionality to your G3 smartphone without even opening your case. The Quick Circle Apps lets you control your notifications and several functionalities, access your music, and many more, all from the “safety” of your Quick Circle case.

Your usual notifications on your smartphone can now be mirrored onto your Quick Circle case with Quick Notifications. However, viewing them is all that you can do for now as it doesn’t have the capability of performing any action,like dismissing them. Quick Music lets you use any of your music-listening apps so you can control them from that round face you see on the case. Quick Calendar lets you take a glance into your next few days’ schedule or events in the circle.

Some of the other apps included in the package lets you use several basic functionalities of a phone. Quick Torch is for lighting the way when there is no other light source. Quick Stopwatch and Quick Calculator are basically letting you use those two features quickly. Quick Toggles allows you to adjust your phone’s brightness and turn on or off the WiFi and mobile data.

All of these apps are open source and can be tweaked. This is part of LG’s promise that developers are encouraged to create apps and functions specific for users who own an LG G3 and a Quick Circle case. The Quick Circle Apps can be downloaded for free through the Google Play Store.


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