LG, who have quietly moved into the number three spot when it comes to mobile OEMs, is reportedly working on a SoC. The Odin chipset, which we saw pop up in benchmarks late last year, is said to be moving into a production phase that could see it on LG handsets in the near future. There’s a catch, though.

While LG seems keen on bringing their own SoC to market, it seems as though they’re having some production issues right now. The final design is said to be giving them fits, which could have to do with the type of processor it is. LG is making an ARM based chipset, and has moved away from basing it on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon SoC.

The chipset sounds pretty mean on paper, too. An octa-core SoC, LG’s offering is said to have four 2.2GHz Cortex A15 backed by four Cortex A7’s at 1.7GHz. A touch bulkier than normal, they’re still using a 28nm manufacturing process, which is the same as MediaTek’s offering.

LG is also said to have internalized the processing, which is where moving away form Snapdragon is hurting them. Had they simply offered up a “customized” Snapdragon, the chipset may have been ready for their LG G3, but likely won’t be. The report also states that LG is reluctant to put their chipset into the newest flagship, instead opting to put it in mid-range devices first. Testing the waters might be a good way for LG to work some bugs out, saving face in the meantime.

Via: Phone Arena