LG Innotek, a tech and materials outfit owned by LG, has announced a new ultra-slim bio sensor module that would be a good fit for today’s modern devices. A bio sensor is used to track all kinds of health metrics including stress levels, heart rate, oxygen levels, and other such numbers. Typically, a high-end smartphone would have this, like the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6S, as they add to the fitness tracking capabilities of these devices.

In today’s smartphone industry, smaller is almost always better – and because of this bio sensor module’s very slim size, OEM’s can opt to use this in smaller devices. Add to that, the module is also more accurate than earlier models, while using less energy as well. It looks like this bio sensor has all things going for it. Part of LG Innotek’s release below.


This newly developed module has lower power consumption and measures data with higher accuracy than the existing products. Users can receive more accurate biometric information with smaller devices.

The key to wearable technology is reducing the size of the device and minimizing power consumption. No matter how excellent device’s feature is, if a wearable device is bulky and the battery wears out rapidly, it is difficult to popularize.

With a thickness of just 1 mm(0.04inches), this module includes a Photo Diode(PD), 5 LEDs, and Integrated Circuit(IC). Thinner sensors allow wearable devices and smartphones to become thinner, and a more free design is implemented.

Accuracy has also been proven to be higher in LG Innotek’s testing of the module. Error margins are smaller than some medical devices, and a lot more accurate than wearable devices. Let’s see if manufacturers begin to migrate to this new technology from LG soon.