There are places where dinner parties and gatherings are starting to be “normal” again and just like before, music sometimes plays a huge part in these events. Portable speakers with great sound quality and stylish designs will be in demand again and the new one from LG, the XBOOM 360 is a great candidate for your next buy. Not only does it have a unique conical-cylindrical design but it is able to give you omnidirectional audio and even ambient, mood lighting so it can fit in “any space or occasion”.

The design of the LG XBOOM 360 isn’t simply for aesthetic reasons. This is also to accommodate the “distortion-free reflector structure” which lets the tweeter and woofer deliver 360-degree sound without any of the distortions we hear from lower-end speakers. Basically, your music will come with a “three-dimensional vitality” even though it’s just coming from one speaker. The tweeter has a titanium diaphragm while the woofer is made from durable glass fiber, giving you great high frequency and mid-range response respectively.

The speaker can also be part of your decoration and ambiance as it can bring 360-degree mood lighting. There are three presets to choose from: Ambient, Nature, and Party. There are also customizable sound lighting options and even sound effects if you feel like it. There’s even a DJ Effect feature where you can use the speaker as a sort-of turntable that can mix samples and give other scratching and DJ-ish sound effects.

It has a 29Wh battery that should keep the music going for up to 10 hours between charges and when plugged into the wall, it can supply up to 120W of power. You can connect to it using Bluetooth, USB 2.0 and Aux-in sources. There’s a built-in metal handle so you can bring it around with you easily and should work in both indoor and outdoor settings or wherever your party or gathering us. You can also link two speakers together for double the 360-degree audio.

The LG XBOOM 360 is available in four colors: Beige, Burgundy, Charcoal Black, and Peacock Green. You can find it in “key markets” including the US and is priced at $399.99 although it looks to be on pre-order only at B&H.


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