While wireless charging isn’t something new anymore, there are only a limited number of devices right now that can support this tech. Also, charging wirelessly is not as fast as plugging in to a wall charger. But of course, the advantages of having less or almost no wires are many, and so we all hope that someday, it will be a norm rather than just a special feature. LG Innotek is working on creating a wireless charging system that will make life easier for everyone.

According to the OEM, they are creating a wireless charger that will only take 30 minutes to half charge a fully dead device through their 15-watt transmission modules. The current ones in the market are actually only using 5 watts for their charging capabilities, hence the slower than usual charging times. But if they are able to create this system that can do three times the status quo, then that will mean a lot for those who need to juice up their device in a hurry.

Another great thing if LG will be able to put this Innotek tech in action is that it doesn’t matter which one your device uses, whether it’s Qi or Powermat or whatever else is available now, as long as it is set up to have wireless charging, they can use the system. But as to how they will be able to do that is still probably in the planning and testing process.

LG hasn’t given any other details about the Innotek wireless charging system, like when they are targeting that it will be available, or what price point they’re looking at, etc. Let’s just wait and see.

VIA: SlashGear