LG is set to reveal more affordable smartphones this year with the introduction of the K series. If the LG G series includes the premium flagship phones and the new V series is more for multimedia experiences, the K series is for nice-looking affordable phones sold for the low to midrange markets. The South Korean tech giant first showed off the K series last week with the K10 being unveiled at the CES.

The other K phone, the K7, also features the glossy pebble design. At the back of the phone is an intricate, woven back pattern that’s not just very attractive but also serves a purpose. The pattern offers a more ergonomic and secure grip. As with most LG smartphones, the LG K7 also features ‘tap and shot’ and ‘gesture interval shot’.

We have yet to learn more about the LG K7 but we can expect more information will be revealed about the phone. Meanwhile, LG has just posted an image telling the mobile users to “find your own style”. It seems that more smartphone models will also be unveiled as there’s a reference to a K4, K5, and K8. We highly doubt the number refers to the screen size but we’re excited to know LG is working on more K phones.

In the meantime, here’s the official product video of the LG K10 and K7 (with the K4 listed together):



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