LG has been working on a new product that may be helpful especially to those who are driving. A system similar to the LG Dual Screen may be introduced soon. The LG Wing has been shown off in action. Thanks to Android Authority for the exclusive video. This makes us excited to test out an LG Wing once the South Korean tech company makes the official announcement and releases it to the market. A secondary display can be useful as it provides more screen real estate to show additional information.

The LG Wing is a smartphone with an additional screen that flips out and moves with a twisting motion. It’s actually a phone with a dual-display and not just a secondary screen. Think LG Dual Screen partnered with an LG phone.

Back in May, it surfaced as a concept phone with a T-shaped display. It was already called the “LG Wing” before. This particular video from our source tells us public launch could be happening soon. By soon we mean before the year 2020 ends. We’re assuming next month in September since the LG Dual Screen was presented same time last year during the IFA event.

Apart from the T-formation we saw before, the LG Wing can be used in portrait orientation placed beside the phone. It’s like the Dual Screen but smaller. Looking at the video, we see the second screen showing an inbound call and music playback controls. The full-screen navigation is done on the smartphone.

The phone and the small screen don’t show any punch-hole or a notch. We’re not sure where the selfie camera is but it could be under the display. The idea of a secondary display is great but it adds up to the bulk or weight. The Dual Screen is almost the same size as the phone. With a phone, it looks like a foldable device. The LG Wing is smaller and appears it can be removed when you don’t need it. The second screen could be hidden or kept somewhere.

The flip-out mechanism of the secondary display happens from the bottom of the main phone screen—placed perpendicular. The main screen is said to be 6.8-inches while the smaller display is 4-inches. We’re imagining more split-screen or multi-window apps and features someday since they are possible.


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