LG Wing Secondary Display for Gaming

LG is definitely going to introduce a new phone. A concept phone with a T-shaped display was mentioned a few months ago. Last week, it was actually shown off as a new smartphone with a secondary display by Android Authority. The second display is said to offer added screen real estate. The device was used while driving. The video presented how the system can be used to accomplish two tasks at the same time. The LG Wing’s idea is something similar to the LG Dual Screen that offers another display so the consumer can do more.

A new video has been shared online. It shows a different use for the Wing–as a gaming accessory. It’s more like providing a racing game a different orientation view. The screen is shown on top of the phone so you can view a map.

The smartphone in landscape orientation is used for gaming. It is where the on-screen controls and game screen are placed. The second display presents a track map. It can be assumed something like a rear-view mirror may also be shown on the secondary display.

The LG Dual Screen works with the LG V60 and the LG Velvet. This dual-display idea has been accepted by a lot of mobile consumers. Others may favor the foldable display as with the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X, or the Mircosoft Surface Duo but a separate, secondary display as an option is also accepted. The LG Wing appears smaller compared to an LG Dual Screen but there may be games that only need a smaller display. So many ideas can be shared like maybe the secondary display showing the game and the phone working as a gamepad.

The LG Wing is expected to be available later this year. An October launch is imagined. No word on pricing but we’re not expecting this to be affordable. A $1,000 price point is understandable so obviously, it won’t be cheap.

The dual-display smartphone’s secondary screen swivels behind the display. It is thought to be an experimental phone to be introduced in South Korea only but rumor has it the device will also be out in the US via Verizon. The phone could feature a 6.8-inch main display, 4-inch secondary screen, triple rear camera setup (64MP main), Qualcomm Snapdragon 700 series processor, and 5G support. With no Snapdragon 865, this could still be affordable.


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