AT&T LG WING 5G Phone US Availability

The LG Wing is more than ready to take flight. We have been saying the LG Wing Explorer Project offers an innovative mobile experience but we’ll only know for sure once we get a hold of one. In the United States, the smartphone is up for pre-order from Verizon since last year. Today, we’re learning its availability on AT&T. Soon, we can check the swiveling design and see for ourselves if productivity is increased. There may still be a question about its durability but we believe the other South Korean tech giant has already addressed such concerns.

If you want to trade-in another phone, you can get up to $700 discount off the LG WING 5G as long as the device is eligible. The 5G swivel smartphone isn’t like any traditional phone. It comes with a dual-screen form that can be used in several ways. It’s great for entertainment, gaming, and multi-tasking.

In the US, AT&T will start selling the phone on November 6. You can check out or go to any AT&T store. The phone can be had for $11.67 per month with a trade-in offer. Get the phone with an installment plan and then avail of an unlimited wireless plan.

AT&T LG WING 5G Phone US Price

The LG WING 5G boasts a transformative display. It comes with a slim and sleek design that is perfect. The display swivels to reveal a secondary screen. You can get more tasks done with the additional display that supports multi-tasking.

AT&T is also offering the LG WING 5G in Aurora Gray. Take advantage of the Unlimited Your Way offer and AT&T Right To You so you can safely shop for the new phone.


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