Announcing something major when another bigger brand is also making an important announcement may not be a good idea but LG believes it can also be the best time. That is, if your product is almost the same yet is more affordable. The LG Velvet isn’t exactly the same level as the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. However, there may be a small percentage of the mobile market that will see the LG Velvet is a great alternative to the Galaxy Note 20 especially since it supports an Active Pen.

Active Pen is LG’s very own stylus that can be likened to an S-Pen. It allows more productivity as users can draw or jot down notes. Not all styli are made equal but the Active Pen offers more accuracy and comfort.

After the LG V60, the LG VELVET becomes the second LG phone to come with active pen support. Note that the Velvet is only a mid-range phone offering but it offers what other premium flagships can do.

An LG VELVET with a Dual Screen can very well be an alternative to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 with S Pen. You see, the next-gen foldable phone from Samsung doesn’t work with a stylus yet but the LG Velvet Dual Screen already does.

LG VELVET works with active pens as long as it supports Active Electrostatic (AES) digitizer technology. This means digital pens from other third-party manufacturers can also work. You can choose which one fits your hand or one that really works as a real pen so writing or sketching will be more efficient.

The LG Velvet comes with a pre-installed QMemo+ app. With this app, you can come up with handwritten and typed notes. Feel free to draw and sketch on a simple interface that delivers efficiency, flexibility, and accuracy.

The LG Velvet with Active Pen is fun to use. You can enable the paper sound effect to make the experience realistic. Handwritten notes can be converted into calligraphy. Coloring on the screen can also be done with the digital pen.