Almost everyone has a low cost, low feature tablet these days, well, except for the likes of LG. That might soon change as two LG supposedly budget tablets, the V700 and the V400, make their way through the FCC.

Not much about these two are known and most of the Internet’s knowledge about them come from My LG Phones. According to them, these tablets will be skimping on some features in order to push costs down a good notch. In particular, they will only connect to the Internet via WiFi. But more than that, the tablets are believed to not even sport Bluetooth, so better forget about pairing with some accessories. The tablets will have two camera’s though, a 5 megapixel rear shooter for the V700 and a 3 megapixel one for the V400, while both have a 1 megapixel front-facing camera.

The tablets, particularly the LG V700, have been seen in the FCC’s catalog. However, aside form label placement, rear cover design, and a few technical details, it doesn’t shed much light on the nature of these devices. It does, however, suggest that they will soon also be making their way on retail or carrier shelves in the US. When that will happen is, at the moment, anyone’s guess.

It will be interesting to see the effect on the market these budget LG tablets will have. Among the top Android device manufacturers, Samsung is the one with the most toes in the budget market waters. LG, much less HTC, barely have tablets at all, and the few that LG has focuses more on the premium side of the economy. The LG V700 and LG V400 could very well help further spread the Korean manufacturer’s brand in the tablet space, in all price ranges, the same way it has for smartphones.

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