LG has yet to release the V30 in its home country but now we’ve got word about its pricing. Pre-order is now open for both the 64GB model and the 128GB model of the LG V30. Price tags read 949,300 won and 998,800 won or $840 or $890, respectively. When converted, the prices are slightly more expensive in South Korea than the US pricing we mentioned a few days ago. However, the phone is still lower priced compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the recently unveiled Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

The sub 1 million won price of the LG V30 is more attractive as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 costs 1,090,000 KRW which is about $970. That is almost a thousand dollars and almost near the $999 iPhone X. You’d expect that pricing in one’s native country should be lower but it’s not always the case. For one, LG sells books ten to 15% more expensive than in the United States. It’s close but still higher. What’s good is that most mobile carriers can afford to offer the phone with lower prices.

A subsidized LG V30 is possible and will be more attractive to the consumers. The rumored $750 price before can still be achieved. If not, then the phone may come with lots of free offers like maybe a Google Daydream View headset with very minimal additional cost.

If you buy an LG V30 from September 21 until 26, you can avail of the VR headset for only 1,000 won. Still not convinced the LG V30 is worth your money? Note that the mobile device was named as the one of the Best of IFA 2017 in Berlin by some IT media groups.



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