Locked screen passwords aren’t enough anymore to protect your smartphone or device. You now need a secure platform, a stable cloud service so that all your data won’t be lost or won’t get hacked and if you are a business owner, you also need to make sure your employees aren’t stealing your office data and selling it to the highest bidder. So data and device security is a big business and OEMs are also getting into the game. LG Gate was announced two years ago and now it’s coming to another new device.

The upcoming LG V10 will be getting an added layer of security since it will come with the aforementioned LG Gate. This will nicely complement the fingerprint scanner that the device has, which is actually the first time they will have one in the main LG line (aside from the previously announced Nexus 5X). Although this is more for convenience rather than actual security, the fingerprint sensor will at least work well with the LG Gate, bringing it to “enterprise-level” security.

Actually, LG Gate works more on the enterprise level, as its target market are the companies that have a bring your own device policy. The IT person or the company manager will be able to securely and remotely manage these devices, finding a balance between security for the company and not invading the privacy of its employees.

So the LGV10 will probably be the perfect device to bring at work, since it already has all that safeguards and checks in place. However, this is no guarantee that you won’t get viruses and malware, as that threat isn’t covered yet by security platforms like this. The best protection still is to educate yourself on what are dubious links, sites, downloads, and don’t go to them.

VIA: Talk Android


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