LG UltraGear VR Headset

LG is believed to be releasing its very own VR headset. The virtual reality industry is getting a boost in the next few years and months as more OEMs and consumer electronics brands have started to join the VR bandwagon. We’re guessing Google being aggressive with the DayDream View has something to do with it but we’re more excited about its future rivals.

We only have a few names venturing into the VR headset business, at least, for now. We’re expecting to hear more from LG as its first virtual reality headset is being prepped for launch. A prototype, called as the SteamVR, was demonstrated recently. The name is obviously from the SteamVR platform by Valve. It’s not yet final but a trademark that’s recently uncovered reveals a product known only as ‘UltraGear’.

The trademark for LG UltraGear is a class number 9 product which means it belongs to the category of PCs, monitors, laptops, headphones, HUDs, and VR headsets. We don’t think it’s a new desktop or notebook from the other South Korean tech giant. It’s not even a pair of headphones but more of a VR headset. As for the product’s availability, we’re looking at a CES 2018 launch.

It’s really not too early for speculations, rumors, and leaks. LG needs this time to hype up people’s expectations and tease mainly as strategic marketing. We don’t have many details about the virtual reality headset but we saw the prototype earlier. Let’s wait and see if the LG SteamVR headset will become a reality.

VIA: SlashGear


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