LG Electronics is one name to trust when it comes to the smart home game. If you haven’t started going “smart” at home, you may begin by getting a smart TV. LG offered OLED TVs that are smart and can be smarter with the Google Assistant. The company offers AI ThinQ technology initially found on a smartphone but will soon be available for those TVs in different countries like the UK, Spain, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, and South Korea.

The LG ThinQ platform is slowly finding its way to other LG products. Those with Google Assistant built-in will receive the technology easily. The voice recognition solution is an effective way to make things easier by simply voicing out your queries and commands.

“Talk” to the smart TV and it will hear you. The AI TVs with Google Assistant can also be accessed in different languages. Feel free to search for new stuff, hear new information, control other smart home products, and manage tasks. It’s like having your Google Home device. Just press the mic button, hold, and then ask. You can hear the latest news, weather forecast, and sports scores among others.

Browse your Google Photos, control other smart home gadgets, check the thermostat or turn-off lighting with the AI ThinQ feature. At the moment, the Google Assistant is compatible with almost 5,000 of other smart devices.

The system connects over Bluetooth or WiFi. It may also take advantage of deep learning technology that allows the use of natural language to start a command. Check out LG’s booth at the IFA 2018 to see the LG’s AI ThinQ-enabled TVs with the Google Assistant in action.