When you’re working out or being all active, sometimes, the accompanying music is just as important as the actual activity you’re doing, since it helps motivate you and push you to do more. So it is really important that the headset or earphones you’re using is of really good quality and all. One pair aiming to capture your heart, or rather, your ears, is the newest one in the LG Tone series, the Bluetooth headset called the LG Tone Active.

Just like the others in the product line, this headset can be connected to any Bluetooth-capable device, but this time around, it has been created for “the most active lifestyles”. It has IPX3 water resistance certification, meaning it can handle the sweat that you should be getting if you’re working out (and if you’re not sweating, then you might be doing it wrong). The headset is also comfortable enough that it won’t bother your activity, as it fits around your neck with its contoured design, and the earbuds actually retract into the headset to avoid the tangling of wires.

In terms of technical specs, the LG Tone Active uses quad-layer technology and digital MEMS microphone to give you quality sound and when you’re using it to make calls, you also get “exceptional voice clarity.” You can listen to music with the headset for up to 9.5 hours while talk time is up to 13 hours. If you don’t do anything with it, standby time is up to 18 days.

The LG Tone Active will be exclusive (for a limited time only) at at AT&T online and retail stores by July 24. It will retail at $129 and the only color it comes in is orange.