At the IFA 2015 event in September, LG showed off the SmartThinQ sensor together with the AllJoyn technology, and some more appliances. The South Korean firm is set to expand its IoT ecosystem so expect a new SmartThinQ Hub to be unveiled in the coming weeks.

This LG SmartThinQ Hub is a smart device that connects compatible appliances at home. It’s described as a gateway to smart sensors that can also work as a speaker. It can also display different reminders and notifications on the small 3.5-inch color LCD screen. This hub works with an app that can be accessed from a smartphone.

The SmartThinQ platform can be accessed and controlled by the SmartThinQ Hub. You can take advantage of your own IoT system at home to control other smart appliances like air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, ovens, and washing machines. It’s central to the smart home system as it collects important information and data from other connected devices.

You can choose from either the Black or Champagne Gold version of this beautifully designed hub with metallic body. You can play Internet radio stations and enjoy music streaming from the high quality speaker. To make things more exciting, LG even partnered with Lowe which means the Iris smart home app and other devices will also work with the hub and LG’s products to work with the Iris smart home services.

The future of smart home seems to be brighter now. What with all these efforts to make more smart products and partner with similar-minded companies, smart home tech is here to stay. Check out the LG SmartThingQ Hub and SmartThingQ sensor at the CES 2016, Central Hall Booth #8204 at the Las Vegas Convention Center beginning 6th of January.