As LG mulls over plans of keeping up with the Samsung’s and the Apple’s, it’s slightly slowing down in terms of launching its own proprietary mobile payment system called LG Pay (what else would you call it?). There were rumors that the new LG Pay system will be launched during this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but an official announcement has been made postponing the launch.

We don’t know if this is a reaction to Samsung teasing that it will launch Samsung Pay in the UK and Spain soon, making its announcement at MWC 2016. “LG Electronics has delayed the official launch of LG Pay to the second quarter of this year to help the new LG flagship smartphone – the LG G5 – receive more media attention,” said an LG official.


It’s weird that Samsung is announcing Samsung Pay to boost hype for its flagship launch, but LG is postponing LG Pay also to boost hype and media attention for the LG G5 launch which incidentally will happen mere hours before the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be launched at MWC 2016. The thought processes on these two decisions are curious to say the least.

LG says that LG Pay will most likely be launched Q2 of this year, and they have denied that the decision was made because of poor support from major credit card issuers in the US. Well, it might not be that, but we guess that certainly contributes to it. Let’s see if credit card companies will begin supporting LG Pay for its launch in Q2.

VIA: Korea Times