LG is at it again today by teasing everyone about their upcoming quad-core smartphone called the Optimus G. This time around they are calling it “The Newest Premium Quad-Core Smartphone.” And have released a quick teaser video over on YouTube to get everyone excited about a smartphone without limits.

This new smartphone has been teased once before, then leaked, then officially announced by LG and Qualcomm themselves so it’s safe to say they are plenty excited about it. The clip is rather short and doesn’t really give us anything new or show the device (other than a glance at the front) but it does make a big point on the quad-core processor. Enough talk, enjoy the video below.

Again for those that aren’t too sure, this phone should be a beast. LG’s mentioned it as rocking their brand new TrueHD IPS panel that is 4.7-inches in size, rocks Qualcomm’s brand new S4 Pro quad-core processor, has 2GB of RAM, 13 megapixel camera, and will have 4G LTE in select markets.

LG and Qualcomm have confirmed the impressive new smartphone will be arriving as soon as mid September, so we can expect to be learning all the official details extremely soon. Then Qualcomm also stated it would arrive in the US around October. We’ll probably see it first stateside as the LG Eclipse 4G LTE on AT&T, but we have a feeling they’ll try and push this to multiple carriers Galaxy S III style. Stay tuned as I’m sure LG will drop all the details soon enough.