LG is gearing up for a big month in September, all starting with IFA next week in Berlin, Germany. We’ve seen countless leaks regarding their new smartphone, and Qualcomm even confirmed their new quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor will be powering LG’s upcoming flagship superphone. Now LG is getting things started with a quick teaser video.

The video doesn’t reveal much and certainly isn’t in English, but you can gather enough from it to know they are talking about their next smartphone, and Qualcomm’s quad-core processor. We’ve seen multiple leaks starting with the Optimus LTE 2, the LG Eclipse 4G LTE quad-core for AT&T, and the recent reports regarding an Optimus G.

LG is planning to launch what will be the first smartphone powered by Qualcomm’s new superchip, and it will be the most powerful smartphone to date if all the recent reports are correct. We had a chance to sit down with Qualcomm and their new Snapdragon S4 Pro and can tell you that it without a doubt will be topping the benchmark charts.

This video is perfect timing considering IFA is coming up later this month and the first week of September. We have a feeling LG will be making a large splash with this new smartphone shortly. According to earlier confirmations by Qualcomm, LG will be releasing this phone in September internationally, and then in the US early October. We’ll be live at IFA to report any and all the goods so stay tuned. Hit the links below for details on everything mentioned above.

[via The Verge]