If you’re excited for the upcoming LG Stylo 5, there are some new “official” leaks. Unfortunately, the only new thing that we can see here is confirmation that it will come in a new color, something in a silver or gray color. But other than that, there doesn’t seem to be anything new here both as a new device and as compared to the previous iteration, the LG Stylo 4. The render also doesn’t indicate any clue as to what specs we can expect from the upcoming smartphone and its accompanying stylus.

In an article on Android Headlines, we see that the new leak indicates that we will see a Platinum Gray or a darker iteration of this color for the LG Stylo 5. The previous one showed a black one which is of course pretty standard. The LG Stylo 4 was released in Aurora Black and Metallic Lavender colors, but no indication yet if the latter color will also be available in the upcoming device.

Based on these renders, there also doesn’t seem to be much difference from the previous device, at least physically. The buttons are in the same place, the bezels look the same, and the fingerprint sensor and camera placements are similar as well. One change that we can see though is that the Stylo 5 will have a more integrated design in terms of the rear camera setup.

The stylus, which is the main selling point of this particular camera line, is not shown in the render. You can however see it in the wallpaper image on the phone and it seems to look the same except for the more pointed tip. We don’t know though if the image is of the actual pen for this phone but it’s highly likely.

The LG Stylo 5 is expected to be announced sometime this month if we base it on when the previous ones were officially released. As for specs, expect it to be a slight improvement of course but probably just in the processor and Android version. Price-wise, it will also probably be just around the price of the Stylo 4, which is around $299.