Verizon Wireless has posted the details for the latest LG Spectrum 2 software update. This update is arriving as software version VS93022A and while there is a decent sized changelog — the changes may not be as exciting as some users were hoping to see. Simply put, there is an update rolling out at the moment, but it deals mostly with apps.

With that in mind, the changelog seems to follow the usual patterns in terms of a description for this update. Basically, that is to say Verizon notes this update as being one that has been “designed to improve the performance” of your handset. They then go on to list the changes as being “key device enhancements” but again, most of the list includes talk of apps for everything from the My Verizon Mobile to VZ Navigator and even to some third party apps including Real Racing 2.

Aside from one exception, the changelog includes the following items;

  • Google GMS has been upgraded to R5 version
  • Single Sign On (SSO) engine has been updated to 3.1.14
  • My Verizon Mobile has been updated to v10.0.0440
  • VZ Navigator has been updated to v9.0.123
  • Real Racing 2 has been updated to v.000770
  • Verizon Daily Scoop v5.0.8. has been added
  • Verizon Remote Diagnostics (VRD) has been removed
  • Backup Assistant Plus contacts have been enhanced
  • Data Usage Notification’ feature is now supported
  • Volume can now be changed while using Visual Voice Mail
  • Access and function Visual Voice Mail even when unsubscribed
  • Use Visual Voice Mail without having to enter a PIN request
  • Contact Backup no longer gets interrupted when making voice calls

That one exception was buried in the middle of the list and while it may not be the most exciting portion — it may be one of the more beneficial and important items. Verizon has said this update includes the latest Google security patches. Specifically, they have noted the following; Google security patches have been performed.

Those carrying an LG Spectrum 2 now have two options in front of them. You can sit back and wait for an update notification to arrive on your handset or take the pro-active approach and look for it now. Those choosing the latter option should grab their phone and navigate to Menu -> Settings -> About phone -> Software updates -> Check for Updates to try and get the process started.

SOURCE: Verizon Wireless