One of the biggest brands that will present a number of new products at this year’s IFA is LG. This South Korean tech giant may not be the top name in mobile phones but it certainly has an edge in the home appliance game. It’s going to venture into the smart home arena by launching the LG Smart Ecosystem. This proves the earlier announcement by Google that the Google Assistant will be available on future LG devices.

LG’s smart home business is getting a boost with this Smart Ecosystem. The company wants to expand the ecosystem by making it work with services and in more platforms. The Google Assistant is just one but we can expect LG to play well with Amazon’s Alexa.

At the IFA 2017, LG will announce a slew of new products including smart robots and a smart refrigerator. LG aims to introduce intelligent home appliances by adding Wi-Fi built into new appliances. This way, it is easier for consumers to interact and connect their devices.

One major product is the LG Smart InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator that runs on the webOS platform. This will include Alexa which means it can be controlled with a simple voice command. LG smart home devices will also be compatible with the Google Assistant. It can tell the refrigerator to make more ice or ask for the remaining time a wash cycle to be completed.

LG takes advantage of Deep ThinQ. It’s an intelligent voice platform that will work with both the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa–as made possible by the SmartThinQ Hub. The latter gathers information and data from smart appliances and regular devices as long as connected to the SmartThinQ sensors. It connects through Bluetooth, Zigbee, and WiFi.

The smart robots will be shown off by LG at the IFA in Berlin in the coming days. We’ll get to meet the Hub Robot that utilizes voice recognition technology. There’s also the Airport Guide Robot and the Airport Cleaning Robot. The Airport Guide Robot is said to be useful at the Incheon International Airport where the robot can be useful in understanding the four common langues used there — English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. This robot can also tell your flight information, weather in your destination, and give a warm welcome to tourists.

LG also has the Lawn Mowing Robot that can do the job accurately. It’ a reliable appliance most households will find useful because it can cut grass on its own so you don’t have to drive a lawnmower and spend a lot of time doing the chore. Expect more smart products and services to be unveiled by LG not only in the coming days but also in the coming months and years.