If you’re like me and want to watch Monday Night Football in full 1080p at home, or from the Android phone in your pocket you’ll love this news. Yesterday LG unveiled what they are calling the “world’s first” 5-inch 1080p display for smartphones. If you thought the “Retina” display on the iPhone 4 was nice, or the 1280 x 720p screens on recent Android phones LG has an entire new level on the way.

LG is saying this is the highest resolution display created for smartphones thus far, and it shatters anything else in its path. Many phones on Android have been released with 300+ PPI (Pixel Per Inch) screens to compete with that iDevice mentioned above but LG’s new display boasts numbers around 440 PPI. Pretty impressive technology inside that 5-inches of real estate.

According to LG the naked eye will be unable to discern individual pixels during use, and the IPS display technology means you’ll be getting faithful color reproduction, extremely wide viewing angles, plus brighter images — all with low power consumption.

It seems like we just started talking about 720p displays last week, is 1080p overkill or would you gladly buy a smartphone rocking LG’s new display? The best part of the news is you can see this screen yourself at SID 2012 Display Week in Boston starting June 4th, and LG claims the display will be in smartphone during the second half of this year, yes as in 2012.

[via SlashGear]