While there is still no news as to when their new flagship, the LG V10, will be available, the Korean OEM couldn’t resist and showed us a peek into what the brand new UX 4.0+ will look like and what new features you’ll be enjoying if you get their new device which comes pre-installed with Android 5.1 Lollipop and this one. The video shows different scenarios where you will enjoy the “extra” things that the UX can do beyond just what Lollipop offers.

The first part of the clip shows us that you will have a small second display on your LG V10 where you can put their the apps and functions that you most frequently use. It’s like a sort of widget but it’s on your toolbar at the top and the video says you get a “convenient experience” from it. What we don’t know is if we can customize the position of the display/widget so that it’s placed where it is more convenient for you.

The second part of the video features a selfie-taking couple and a talking giraffe. No, you didn’t misread that last part. Yes, the talking giraffe wants to join their selfie/twofie, whatever. Through the UX 4.0+, you can shift from taking a standard selfie to a wide-angle view, just with one touch and without having to move from your current position. This feature is also known as a selfie stick killer. We kid. But not about the talking giraffe.

The third part, or as the video says its Vivid Experience, shows you how you can manually adjust your settings, even while taking a video. This is actually the first smartphone that can do that, which includes having control over how your light or dark the subjects can and will appear. Lastly, when it comes to audio, the users will be able to have more control over the audio settings on their smartphone. Can’t wait to try this out? You’ll have to wait for an official announcement from LG though.