LG has always been known for its TVs but not many people know it also offers monitors. We don’t really care much about displays and even TVs but the other South Korean tech giant definitely knows how to deliver. The company is set to showcase new displays at the upcoming CES 2017. The tech event in Las Vegas will be the launching pad for LG’s newest HDR-compatible 32-inch UHD 4K monitor among others.

There may not be a lot of HDR content available but LG believes the technology will expand. More movies and games will be relauncHed in HDR. Every content and service provider’s main goal must be to push higher quality images and videos. Most games and professionals will appreciate the HDR compatible monitors because they really promise impressive viewing.

Another product to be announced next month is the LG 34UM79M—a 21:9 UltraWide Mobile+ Monitor that boasts of its built-in Chromecast feature. It’s the first in the world to have such so you can conveniently stream music, movies, TV shows, and games. This monitor is ideal to use as a PC monitor and at the same time, use as a display for media streaming from any tablet or smartphone.

The LG 34UM79M works with the LG Mobile+ Monitor application so you can easily control the settings of the monitor. With the app, your phone can turn into a remote control that lets you change the volume, input, and aspect ratio among others.

No information on pricing and availability yet but we hope to know once LG makes an official announcement at the CES 2017.