NVIDIA Tegra 2

LG Electronics announced today that it will ship the world’s first dual-core CPU Android smartphones in Q4 2010. The devices will all be a part of the company’s Optimus series of devices. The phones are expected to use the Tegra 2 smartphone chipset which offer a number of improvements in mobile devices.

NVIDIA Tegra 2

The NVIDIA Tegra 2 (AP20) offers a number of “mobile firsts” including the first mobile dual-core CPU, first ultra low-power GeForce GPU, and the first 1080p HD mobile video processor. These processor cores will each be clocked at 1 GHz. The result to the consumer would be about 2x faster web browsing experience along with 5x faster gaming performance over a single core CPU running at 1 GHz, which means this could be the new high standard for mobile gaming.

[Via Android and Me]


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