According to Korean Media, fingerprint scanners are all the rage. Not that we needed them to tell us that, but if they’re right, LG is joining the fingerprinting party as well. On their upcoming LG G2 Pro and G3, a new report suggests we’ll find a fingerprint scanner.

 Though unconfirmed, it’s not a break from LG’s method of offering more on their devices, even if we didn’t ask for it. It’s also likely we’ll see the scanner around the rear of the device, where we now find all the buttons and such on an LG handset. It keeps the bezels slim, but if this news is correct, it’s getting pretty crowded on the rear of LG’s devices.

If you’re wondering why they’ve waited until now, it’s an interesting dilemma. Reports suggest there was too lengthy a development process for LG to pack it into the G2, and the yield was too low. With the G3 said to be coming in May, we’d likely see a G2 Pro prior to that, so it seems as though they’ve got their supply chain issues settled.

If this all pans out, it means we’ll be seeing just what fingerprint technology LG can slip into a smartphone in a few short months. They’d likely give the G2 Pro a little breathing room from the G3, so we’d think a MWC launch is appropriate. If we end up seeing the fingerprint tech there, we’ll be sure to put it through its paces.

We like LG devices, and are curious to see their take on fingerprint tech. We’d like to think they’d offer more than just an “unlock” function, but time will tell. With LG getting into the mix, it seems as though fingerprint tech is the new PPI, wherein everyone tries to outdo one another until a breaking point occurs.
VIA: GforGames