LG is making it much easier for Developers to get their hands on reference hardware. Starting today, LG is allowing those who are interested to get their hands on a loaner device. The sign-up page is currently a sparse “create an account” destination, but the reach is promising.

Reference hardware is necessary for Developers to test their apps on. Without it, they run the risk of silly one-star reviews on the Play Store, or worse, a device not being supported altogether. With a loaner device, the out-of-pocket expense can be mitigated. The catch, however, may make a difference.

LG seems to want to encourage developers to create apps for their proprietary SDKs. As LG grows their skin and unique functionality, they’ll have to get apps that work with their devices. Like Samsung, LG is keen to make sure Developers know what they offer, and are trying to ply them with free loaner devices to build for them.

It’s a smart move, and one that could pay off big. Which devices LG will make available isn’t quite clear, nor is whether or not there are limitations on availability for the program. Though the loaner devices are only out for 30 days, and Developers will have to pay for return postage, it’s a much more cost effective choice than buying developer editions and having them lying in wait for an update. By simply “renting”, Developers can save money.