Looks like LG feels tough enough to go up against Samsung now. If rumors are to be believed, both Korean OEMs will be releasing their high-end devices on September 15. The latter will of course be unveiling the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 while the former will have not one but two devices, the LG V30, and the LG V30 Plus. We still don’t have confirmation though if LG will only be releasing it in South Korea, unlike Samsung which will have both its native country and the US as well.

The release of both the V30 and the derivative model, the V30 Plus at the same time is probably also a strategic move for LG at a time when they will have to use all their “powers” to go up against the expected powerhouse of a Galaxy Note 8. The difference between the two LG smartphones is in terms of memory (one will be 64GB, the other one at 128GB) and probably with some other functions as well, like the audio system and wireless charging.

The derivative strategy is something that LG has been doing since its flagship LG G6 suddenly had an LG G6 Pro and G6 Plus. This is of course to maximize sales while at the same time diversifying functions and prices, giving consumers more choices as to the flagship devices that they can get. Also, pushing forward the release of the V30 and V30 Plus to 14 days ahead (compared to the release of the V20 last year), is also a strategic move to at least get part of the market share that Samsung will get for the Galaxy Note 8.

The two smartphones will be released through three of the biggest South Korean mobile network providers on September 15. The LG V30 will supposedly be priced at 800,000 KRW or around $700.44 while the LG V30 Plus is more expensive at 1 million KRW or around $875.55.

VIA: ET News