LG has been pretty straightforward with the way they release their premium smartphones. You have the G flagship line and then afterwards, the V model which is still a pretty high-end device. Then you also have other smaller entry and mid-level devices that are released all throughout the year. But now it looks like they’re changing their strategy and will be releasing “premium derivative” models, starting with the LG G6 Plus and the LG G6 Pro. They will also be releasing entry level devices under the X+number scheme.

The premium derivative line will reportedly be not as straightforward as what other OEMs do. For example, while the LG G6 Plus will indeed have plus storage, at 128GB, double the 64GB of the original LG G6. But the LG G6 Pro will supposedly have 32GB only which should make it a tad lower than the flagship even if it has all its other specs.

As for the lower end of the spectrum, it’s already dropping all the other letters and will stick with the X + number series. They’ve already released an X300 and an X400 and then later on an X500, so when they do release the new X series, there might be some confusion there as well, both with us and maybe LG too.

LG is supposedly trying to diversify their portfolio so they can reach the various price points that their consumers want while still maintaining the specs that they want from the flagship. And also it may be more cost effective for the company to just create derivatives instead of making a whole new smartphone. Let’s see if this strategy will work for them.

VIA: SlashGear