To prep the public for the official release of the LG G5 this week, the OEM has released a short video walkthrough to highlight what are the new things that users can expect from the UX 5.0 software that will be running on the flagship device. It shows off several improvements and new features like simplified mode, multi-view and selfie features for the camera, plus how you’ll be able to handle and manage the “LG Friends” that you will eventually buy for your modular smartphone.

One of the most awaited thing about the LG G5 is the fact that you can add accessories to it through its modular design. The UX 5.0 has an LG Friends manager which will connect, setup and sync all the accessories that you might later on buy for your phone, like the LG CAM, LG 360 Cam, LG VR headset, etc. The built-in camera app also has new goodies like the multi-view feature that lets you take pictures from different angles, including a selfie while you’re watching the action. And it even has a selfie mode where the front-facing cam automatically takes a picture when you pose.

lg cam

lg friends

The simplified mode, from the name itself, simplifies how your home screen will look like. It removes the app drawer but instead groups your apps together into bubbles. It’s easy to manage, add, delete, restore apps in this new setup, but if you prefer the old school way and look, you can revert to it as well. LG Health has also been overhauled to help you manage and track your daily fitness routine. The world-clock app will help you keep an eye on how time changes in other parts of the world that you’re interested in.


The LG G5 is set to be released in the US by April 1. AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon have already announced their release plans, including bonuses, discounts and freebies for those pre-ordering and ordering early.