LG has made the SDK for their QSlide technology available to interested Developers. QSlide is what gives LG apps the ability to overlay one another, while others continue to run visibly in the background. The utility will be limited to LG devices, but this move encourages increased Development for their platform.

Found on their G2, the functionality of QSlide is great for multitasking. Users simply open an app, which then lays over the existing app in a smaller window. When you need to fire off a quick email or set a reminder, but don’t really want to stop watching that YouTube video, it’s a dream.

Launching the SDK will allow Developers to make their apps act a bit more like LG’s, which can be great for fans of the LG OS environment. By including the SDK, Developers will have the choice of floating and fullscreen modes, as well as customizing the window appearance — all the way down to transparency levels. A quick launch icon can also be added to the LG QSlide tray in the notification menu.

Those who are interested can pick up the SDK via LG, which also comes with some reference reading. The SDK documents provide a how-to of sorts for getting an app up and running with QSlide, showing that LG is very serious about the program. Likely a big part of LG’s future, we expect to see QSlide on both the G 2 Pro and G3 in the near future.
VIA: Android Central