Old school cameras and the old way of printing has all but disappeared, but there’s still a new way to bridge the digital and the analog. Those who love journaling or just sharing printed photos have discovered the joys of pocket printers, and LG has now released a new one to add to the market. The LG Pocket Photo brings you the joy and convenience of printing photos directly from your smartphones, since that’s where all the photos are anyway.

The printer is pretty lightweight and compact, so you can bring it with you anywhere as it is just 78 x 125 x 22 and weighs 177grams. Plus, you don’t need to worry about its ink because it is already pre-included in the zink paper where your photos are printed. You don’t need a printing cable as you can just connect and print to it with one button. It can print jpeg and png formats and has a built-in 470mAh battery with just 30 minutes charging time.

Through the Pocket Photo app, you will be able to edit your photos, in case you want to crop out some embarrassing detail or you want to brighten it up a bit. You can even add a QR code to the photo which is actually linked to your social network. In case you run out of calling cards or something, you can just print out a photo with the code and give it to a new friend or contact. You can also add some text and the date when the photo was taken.

The LG Pocket Photo is available in either white or pink. It will cost around $119 and a pack of zink paper (30 pcs) is around $13. It is already available in South Korea and other unspecified markets starting January 24.