When LG rolled out (haha, get it?) last year their Rolly Keyboard, a portable, wireless, physical keyboard, it didn’t catch on as they probably hoped it would. Maybe because it was a bit ahead of its time or maybe not a lot of smartphone users needed one at that time. But LG is not giving up on this accessory as they have just launched the next generation version, the Rolly Keyboard 2. Of course it brings several improvements from its predecessor, including adding one more row to make it feel like a real, regular keyboard.

The first keyboard only had four rows of keys, but this time around, there are five and it follows the standard keyboard arrangement structure, including the key spacing and line spacing. There is also now a tab open “mechanism” at the bottom that should make it easier to open when it’s rolled into a stick and you need to open it up and use it. You can also now pair it with up to 3 devices as compared to only 2 before. It uses Bluetooth multi-pairing and you can switch among the 3 with just a one-touch input.


Because it now has five rows, the keyboard doesn’t roll into a prism anymore, like the first generation. It now is folded and rolled into something that looks like an “extruded pentagon.” It also now has a sort of dock where you can place smartphones at least 4 inches diagonally speaking. To power the keyboard, you only need a single AAA battery and it will supposedly last you 3.5 months.


The LG Rolly Keyboard 2 will cost around $112. However, it will only be available in South Korea for now. No news yet if there will be an international release soon.



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