NFC is expected to grow exponentially over the next few years. Already popular in Japan, the technology is readying itself for mainstream adoption as companies such as Google and Apple are preparing to bring the technology to the customers. LG is currently working on this technology and stated that they will be ready for launch in 2012 to the European market.

In an interview with Reuters Jin-Yong Kim, vice president for business solutions at LG’s Home Entertainment division, stated LG’s current plans on progress on the maturing technology:

“The point-of-sale technology, which will be targeted at small and medium-sized businesses and will involve NFC or near field communications and cloud computing, is currently in beta testing. …The plan is to launch it in Europe in 2012.”

Analysts at Frost and Sullivan expect 800 million NFC-enabled mobile phones in use by 2015 and it will be the most-used form of mobile payment. With Google’s focus on the technology and promising support in upcoming operating systems, we can expect to see NFC-adoption grow significantly in markets other than Japan.

[Via Reuters]