Security and privacy are very big things these days, and any manufacturer would be remiss if they didn’t have a process to deal with security issues in one way or another. This is why LG has taken the time to build a new Product Security Response Team – and just recently – launched its own mobile security website.


In a blog post today, LG announced the launch of this new website. The Korean gadget company referred to it as the “first point of contact” for LG smartphones and other mobile products when it came to security issues. If you own an LG mobile device and you’re having issues with security, this website should be your first step.

It’s not only for consumers, though. The site will also be the main announcement portal for the company if any issue regarding the security of its mobile devices comes up. Of course, end users will also be able to use the website to report security issues they’re having, just in case it’s a problem LG may not yet be aware of.

The website is now live, and if ever you have a security issue that you need to deal with on your LG device, maybe this can help. Remember, this website will only be for LG mobile products – it will not include information on other LG consumer electronics products.